About Us

A little bit of info about myself and the type of work I do.

Who am I?

Hi, My name is Kyle and I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with my wife and daughter.
My day job is as a low voltage technician installing various types of equipment including:

     – Security and camera systems  
     – Home automation systems  
     – Audio/Video installations  
     – Pre-wiring homes and businesses for network, security and Audio video
Let me know if you have any questions by dropping me a line Here, and I’ll try my best to help.

What is Secured Surrounding?

I created Secured Surrounding in 2016 with the aim being to help people with their low voltage projects. This includes security and camera systems, as well as a variety of home automation products. The “internet of things” has really blown up in the last few years with a lot of very cool products and hardware that can make life easier for people. The thing is, there’s a lot to digest and it can be a bit confusing to get your head wrapped around. I’ll try to help by using articles and videos to go over the install and set up of the hardware, as well as the pros and cons to keep in mind.
If you have a some DIY spirit and a bit of free time, you’ll be able to learn how to install this equipment yourself, at a fraction of the price of paying a contractor.