Security Alarm Systems – An In-Depth Course

  • Taught by a technician
  • Professional Hardware
  • Self monitored to your phone without monthly fees
  • Medical alert button option without monthly fees
  • 10% off your hardware purchase with course enrollment

Lifetime Access $97

Have the piece of mind that your valuables and loved ones are safe and secure.

Course Instructor

Kyle lives in Northern Ontario, Canada with his wife and one year old daughter.  

He’s been a security and camera technician for about 7 years and has completed hundreds of installs of these types of systems.

His goal with this course is to give the average person a way to secure their property and loved ones without needing to spend many hundreds or thousands of dollars in hardware and monitoring fees over the years.

Following this step-by-step course, in about half a day, you can have a professional security system that will report to your smart phone.  If there is ever an emergency or trouble on the system, you’ll get a notification of the issue and can decide whether the authorities need to be contacted.

Topics we'll cover

  • How to design and install a professional security system for your home or business
  • Proper programming of the system to meet your needs and specifications
  • The ability to control your security system remotely from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • How to get notifications from your system to your smartphone in an emergency, without fees
  • How to upgrade your existing security system to a newer model with more options


Feedback from students who have gone through the course.

” I had an old security system in my house that was dated.  I ended up watching the course and replaced it with new equipment that reports to my phone.  If I get a message, I can check my camera system on my phone to make sure everything is OK.  Course was clear and easy to follow.  Thanks.”

Jeff McIntyre

”  Following the course, I installed a system along with a few medical alert buttons at my parents house.  Now if they push their button, I’ll get a message on my phone and can head over to make sure everythings okay.  The buttons even work from the back yard.  Very happy.  “

Russell Roberts

” My husband and I both work during the day, so I like getting a notification on my phone when my teenager comes home from school.  I set it up to get a message when she disarms the alarm system on the keypad.  It took us about half of a Saturday to set everything up after watching the course.  Thanks Kyle!  “

Joanne McGarry

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hardware is being installed?

The model of security system we’ll be installing is a Professional DSC Power Series Panel and devices.  Devices will include: Door/Window contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, medical alert buttons, flood sensors, Wireless key fobs and more.

The course explains how to set the system up to report to your phone without fees, but can it be professionally monitored by a central station as well?

We’ll be installing an EVL4 internet module on the system, which offers professional monitoring through the internet for as low as $9 monthly, if needed.  A local alarm company could also set the system up to be monitored through a land line or cellular tower communicator to their central monitoring station.

Approximately how long does it take to set up a system if I'm new to it?

After going through the course videos, you’ll have a good understanding of the install and programming of the system.  Depending on the amount of devices you’ll be installing, and whether they’re wireless or hard-wired, it could take anywhere from a few hours to maybe 6 or 7 if you are setting up a bigger system.  It’s very difficult to say though, since there are lots of factors to consider.

Will I have access to Kyle after taking the course if I have questions during my install?

If you choose to enroll in the course and purchase a system from us, Kyle will spend some time with you answering questions if needed.

Professional security for your family, without monthly fees.

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