DSC PC1832 Power Series kit with RFK5500 and accessories

$250.00 USD - taxes and duties included

This is the kit that is shown in the Security Course and many Blog entries on this site.  It includes:

1 – DSC PC1832 Control Panel with metal enclosure(no lock and key for enclosure), which features:

  • 8 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 32 hardwired zones
  • Expandable to 32 wireless zones
  • 4 Partitions
  • 72 User codes

1 – RFK5500ENG full message LCD keypad

1 – DSC LC-100-PI motion detector with pet immunity up to appx. 50 pounds

1 – 20 watt indoor/outdoor siren(larger cone style, not as it appears on the main photo)

1 – 12 VDC 4 AH back-up system battery

1 – 16 VAC, 40 VA plug-in transformer

1 – Telephone block


This system can be set-up for professional monitoring using a standard phone line or cell towers(additional hardware needed for cell).  It can also report to your smart phone using the EVL-4 internet modules.  Check our Security Course for full set-up and programming instructions.



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