DSC Wireless Transceiver

$92.50 USD - taxes and duties included


The TR5164-433 wireless transceiver breaks the wired barrier and allows new DSC Powerseries alarm systems to support wireless sensors, keyfobs and most notably the new WT5500 fully wireless keypads.

Both 1 way and 2 way wireless sensors are supported.

Adds support for 1 and 2 way wireless fobs, sensors and keypads

  • Up to 4 WT5500 wireless keypads supported
  • Supports 60 wireless zones
  • Supports 16 wireless keys
  • 8 partition support for 1 way keys
  • case tamper
  • Easy enrollment process with WT5500 keypads
  • 3 Status LEDs
  • Requires Powerseries Firmware 4.6 or higher
  • Current Draw 60mA
  • Frequency 433 MHZ
  • Can be up to 230m / 750 feet from main panel using 22 guage wire
  • Operating temperature 0-49 Celcius (32-122F)

The TR5164 is compatible with PC1616, PC1832, PC1864 boards with firmware revision 4.6 or higher (all of our current stock is compatible).

The TR5164 needs to be programmed by a PK5500ENG version 1.3 or higher (all our current stock) or WT5500 wireless keypad.

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