DSC WS4933 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

$75.00 USD - taxes and duties included

DSC WS4933 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector


*Replacement for the WS4913*

Protect your home and loved ones from carbon monoxide leaks. Colourless, odourless and tasteless, carbon monoxide is virtually impossible to detect without a device. DSC’s WS4933 provides state of the art defense for carbon monoxide detection. The detector’s slim-line design allows it to blend with ease into any room’s décor. It’s fully wireless for use with compatible DSC wireless systems. It can also work as a standalone detector – not connected to a panel – providing an alarm warning to residents inside the home.

Once CO is identified, the sensor is triggered, the alarm is activated and the DSC wireless control panel is signaled. The detector sounds the 85dB alarm to warn residents to leave the home immediately and at the same time signals the control panel to alert responders. It also comes with onboard LED indicators for a visual warning.




  • Slim-line design
  • Onboard LEDs indicate: Red – Alarm, Yellow – Trouble, Green – Power, Amber – WarmUp
  • 85dB alarm at 10 ft (3 m)
  • Malfunction supervision
  • Low sensitivity supervision
  • Electrochemical sensing technology
  • Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition
  • Hush feature
  • Wall tamper
  • Can be used stand-alone or integrated into DSC system
  • 4-5 year battery life
  • End-of-Life (EOL) indicator (5 years)
  • Low battery supervision
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