DSC WT5500 Fully Wireless 2-Way Keypad

$135.00 USD - taxes and duties included


DSC WT5500 Fully Wireless 2-Way Keypad


The DSC WT5500 is a fully wire free keypad for use with DSC Alexor, Impassa, and Powerseries with TR5164 transcivers, allowing arming, disarming, panic, status and all normal alarm keypad functions without requiring any wires back to the panel.  It operates on a set of AA batteries for up to 3 years under normal use, or can be powered by an optional DC plug-in power supply.

Wireless communication to the alarm panel is fully encrypted for security and the keypad will immediately alert the main panel if it is tampered with or deactivated so the panel will go in to alarm immediately.  Keypad supports door chimes, entry/exit delay warnings, status condition and troubles.


  • New – now with blue backlight

Compatible with Alexor and Impassav

  • Compatible with Powerseries with TR5164 transceiver
  • Fully battery powered, requires no wires!
  • 4 x AA batteries will last up to 3 years of typical use
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display and key lighting
  • 2×16 LCD easy to read display
  • Dimensions 6.7″ x 4.9″ x 1.42″
  • Wireless range up to 984 feet open air


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