Medical Alert Kit Special offer – DSC 1616 panel, RFK5501 keypad and accessories

$369.00 USD - taxes and duties included

Medical Alert Special offer kit – Everything you need for your own install, including:

All the items in the standard security kit further below, as well as these items that were shown in the video tutorial:

  • 2 – WS4938 single button wireless fobs
  • EVL-4CG internet module
  • 40 feet of 4 conductor security alarm wire(used for wiring to the keypad and plug-in transformer)
  • 12 foot pre made Cat5e cable(used for wiring from a port on your internet router to the EVL4 unit)
  • 10 b-connectors for attaching wires together(may not be needed, unless adding siren or additional security hardware to the system)
  • 10 drywall plugs and drywall screws

An ideal system to mount in your media closet close to internet access and power plug in.  The keypad can be mounted close by and provides 500-600 feet of wireless range for your medical alert buttons.  For a full walk-through, check out the video Here.


This kit would be good for someone who is going to use mainly wireless zones and is comfortable programming a 5501 style keypad.  This RFK5501 has a wireless receiver built into the keypad, while the PC 1616 panel has room for 6 hardwired zones on board.  The full kit includes:

1 – DSC PC1616 Control Panel with metal enclosure(no lock and key for enclosure), which features:

  • 6 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 16 hardwired zones
  • Expandable to 32 wireless zones
  • 2 Partitions
  • 48 User codes

1 – RFK5501 icon keypad

1 – DSC LC-100-PI motion detector with pet immunity up to appx. 50 pounds

1 – 15 watt indoor siren, as it appears in main photo

1 – 12 VDC 4 AH back-up system battery

1 – 16 VAC, 40 VA plug-in transformer

1 – Telephone block

1 – WS4939 4 button wireless keyfob



This system can be set-up for professional monitoring using a standard phone line or cell towers(additional hardware needed for cell).  It can also report to your smartphone using the EVL-4 internet modules.  Check our Security Course for full set-up and programming instructions.


Please keep in mind that this metal enclosure is the smaller variety without pre-drilled holes on the side of the enclosure.  If you are planning on using an EVL-4 module, zone expander or other small circuit board mounted on the side, you’ll have to mark and drill the holes yourself, or use a double sided sticky product.

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