Vosker V200 Solar Cellular Security Camera

$525.00 USD - taxes and duties included


Vosker Outdoor Cellular Security Cameras let you secure and keep an eye on remote locations, construction sites, cottages, lodges and more.  Monitor just about any location.    Use as a security camera or an LTE trail camera.


The Vosker V200 uses a built-in solar panel to operate the camera and charge the built-in rechargeable battery.  The V200 can also be powered by an optional plug-in power supply or optional AA batteries.

The V200 has a built in LCD display that can be used for set up and on-site image review.


When motion is sensed, an alert is sent to the smartphone app.  Video can be saved locally to an SD card and a photo(s) are uploaded automatically.

Reduce false alerts with Vosker AI Image Recognition.  AI detection can be set to alert only on 1) Human or 2) Vehicle detection.


The V200 uses LTE cellular communication to send alerts to the free iOs or Android app.  Images are sent automatically to the Vosker cloud and made available on the app for viewing.

This makes Vosker cellular security cameras perfect for monitoring where traditional cameras won’t function.


Vosker cameras come with a pre-activated SIM card installed.  Set up is simple and can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes.  There is NO CHARGE for set up or activation.  Just download the app and scan a barcode on the camera to register.

Vosker cellular service is available in four plans:

FREE for light use up to 100 image transmission per month
$10 per month for 100-500 photos
$15 per month for 500-1000 photos
$20 per month for UNLIMITED photos
(Prices are $CDN)


Video and photos are captured in full colour during the day when light is sufficient.  When it gets dark, they automatically switch to night vision Illumination to capture images in pitch black.

Time lapse mode is excellent for recording long periods of time using snapshot recording.

The V200 can also be set to tag images with GPS based Geo Location.

Vosker V200 Camera Features:

  • LTE Cellular Security Camera
  • Outdoor rated and weatherproof
  • Solar-powered with a built-in rechargeable battery for always-on use without power!
  • Motion Detection: AI Image Recognition (Detection Range 100’)
  • Local HD Video Storage with a Built-In SD Card Slot (SD card not included)
  • LTE Smartphone Photography Transmission (No Wi-Fi Required)
  • Free Mobile App
  • Time-Lapse Mode
  • Built in LCD display for Viewing and Configuration
  • 12V Power Jack for optional AC adapter
  • Optional can use 8 x AA batteries
  • Compact and Portable (3.8” x 6.9” x 3.9”)

* Please ensure LTE service is available at the camera location.  Smartphone not included.

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